Sneaky Snails
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color He wears sunglasses but they are blue.
Episode Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Family Mother, Father
Friends Vinsun, Edgar, Ramona, Emily, Morton
Enemies Elvira, Craig
Fear Frogs
Talent Speaking french
Nicknames Frenchie
Alby 'Albert' Jean the Frenchman is a contestant on Total Drama Tween Tour and is a memebr of the Sneaky Snails.


Albert is french and proud of it. He can speak fluent French as well as English and knows a lot about historic french moments and achievments. He enjoys french cuisine and is a fan of painting.

One thing Albert can't stand is the 'snooty, snobbish and whiny' portrayal of french people in movies, it really grinds his gears! Albert is aiming to prove that the French stereotype is utterly and completely wrong.


To be added later.


  • Albert is the only contestant with facial hair ... and even then is is barely developed.
  • Albert is one of three contestants to wear sunglasses, the others are Megan and Morton.
  • Albert lives in Quebec.
  • Albert's design is somewhat based on the title character of a webseries called 'The Dirty Frenchan'. Albert however is NOTHING like him in terms of personality. Also DO NOT look at the series unless you are 16 or over, it's a little ... inappropriate.
  • Albert's real name is Alby, but he MUCH prefers to be called Albert.
  • Despite trying to prove stereotypes wrong Albert does act quite stereotypical.
  • Albert's theme song is Paper Mario Title Screen.
  • Albert likes cheese.