Rotten Roaches

Gruesome Glow-worms

Gender Female
Hair color Blond
Eye color Blue, but she wears pink contacts
Episode Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Relationship Gareth
Family Mother, Father
Friends Natasha, Pandora, Gareth, Pablo
Enemies Jade, Lars
Fear Getting dirty
Talent Screaming loudly, Fashion knowledge.
Amy Dove, the Spoiled Brat is a contestant on Total Drama Tween Tour and a member of the Rotten Roaches.


Amy is a princess; well, not literally but she was raised like one anyway. Everything she wanted her parents would get for her without question. She is quite haughty and stuck up and rather rude to those she deems 'beneath her'. Amy also loves fashion and being popular.

Amy expects nothing but the best for herself; she also loves it when people do things for her ... not that she gives anybody a choice though. One could wonder how she will cope with being somewhere other than first class if her team doesn't come first in every single challenge...


To be added later.


  • Amy's theme song is The Mine Song.
  • Amy's favorite color is pink.
  • Amy is the first girl alphabetically and also the first of the Rotten Roaches alphabetically as well.
  • The reason Amy is so bratty is because she has been spoiled all her life and never sociolized with non rich kids. Slowly but surely she is getting used to the others and maybe, just maybe, liking it ... maybe.
  • Amy, though she wouldn't admit it in public, LOVES chocolate of all kinds, but she is able to control herself when eating it ... usually.
  • It was revealed that she was friends with Pablo and that the two were neighbors in "Tweens and a Chocolate Factory".
  • It was revealed in "Tweens and a Chocolate Factory" that Amy was bulimic when she was younger.