Spooky Spiders
Gender Male
Hair color Blond
Eye color Covered by hair and hat but they are blue.
Episode Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Family Mother, Father, Two younger brothers.
Friends Tony
Enemies Vicky
Fear Static Electricity
Talent Manipulation, keeping a good poker face
Nicknames Benjy (he hates it)
Benjamin Sark the Backstabber is a contestant in Total Drama Tween Tour and is a member of the Spooky Spiders.


Benjamin is a backstabbing traitor, it's that simple. He makes friends, hangs with them for a while and then backstabs them as he moves on to a new group. It is rumored he suffers from something called 'Chronic Backstabbing Disorder'. Benjamin is always making new allies and breaking ties with those from the past. In a way Benjamin is like a locust swarm; he moves from place to place leaving confusion, delay and destruction in his path ... maybe not the last one.

Benjamin has the ultimate poker face and never lets anything slip nor does he break a sweat. His love of backstabbing is rather odd as he backstabs people even when it would be a VERY bad idea to do so. Benjamin knows his constant backstabbing will come in useful in Total Drama Tween Tour and will leave him two million dollars richer. Time will tell if he is correct or not.


To be added later.


  • Benjamin is partly based on Max from the Survivor Fan Characters series. They both look vaguely similar despite the fact Max looks like a blond version of Kirby ... yeah.
  • Benjamin's favorite color is blue.
  • Benjamin's theme song is The Undermill.
  • Benjamin is good at poker deu to his perfect Poker Face.
  • Benjamin is one of fifteen campers to wear a hat, the others are Albert, Bonnie, Craig, Darby, Gareth, Jarvis, Megan, Molly, Suki, Terrence, Vicky, Vinsun and Zora.