Buzzing Bees
Buzzing Bees
Number of Members 10
Highest Ranking Member TBA
Lowest Ranking Member Cuthbert (40th)
The Buzzing Bees are one of four opposing teams in Total Drama Tween Tour. They were formed during Egyptian Expedition and consisted of all contestants who had a yellow passport. The Team originally consisted off Cuthbert, Darby, Karrie, Ling, Molly, Oliver, Pablo, Robbie, Terrence and Zora.

Original MembersEdit

Contestants EliminatedEdit


Gender Rank on Team Rank Voted Out Episode Voted Off Reason Voted Off
Cuthbert Male 10th 40th Egyptian Expedition He whined constantly and made a hate speech against Molly because she is deaf.
Darby Female 9th 34th Nintendo Nut She constantly fell asleep during challenges and was seen as the weakest link.
? ? 8th ? ? ?
? ? 7th ? ? ?
? ? 6th ? ? ?
? ? 5th ? ? ?
? ? 4h ? ? ?
? ? 3rd ? ? ?
? ? 2nd ? ? ?
? ? 1st ? ? ?


To be added


  • The Buzzing Bees are the first team in Total Drama Tween Tour to vote somebody off.
  • Karrie is the only redhead on the team.

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