Spooky Spiders
Gender Male
Hair color Blond
Eye color Aqua blue
Episode Eliminated The City Of Love
Place 37th
Relationship The Airplane Toilet (odd I know)
Family Mother, Father, older brother
Enemies Henry, Bea, Ted
Fear Being away from bathrooms
Talent Knowing about bathrooms appliances
Nicknames Wierdo, Mr. Flush Flush
Dexter Flush, the Guy Obsessed with Bathrooms, is a contestant on Total Drama Tween Tour and is a member of the Spooky Spiders.


Dexter is utterly and insanely obsessed with bathrooms. The bathtub, the shower, the toothpaste, the sink ... he loves it all and isn't afraid of letting people know it whenever he feels it needs proving ... which is all the time. Unfortunantly, this small pinch of utter insanity makes people tend to avoid him; Dexter doesn't mind because obviously they don't worship bathrooms like he does.

Dexter practically lives in his houses's bathroom; he even sleeps on the toilet! One could wonder how long he'll hog the airplane confessional on the Total Drama Jumbo Jet...


To be added later.


  • Dexter is by far the most bizarre character CragmiteBlaster has ever created. This statement takes characters such as Opal, Barney, Uzuri, Henry, Gareth and VayVay fully into account.
  • Apparently Dexter has frenched a toilet ... ick!
  • Dexter's favorite drink is toilet water.
  • CragmiteBlaster honestly doesn't even know what he was smoking when he thought up Dexter ... though CragmiteBlaster ensures you all that he does not smoke nor do drugs.
  • Dexter's theme song is Shower Room.