Rotten Roaches
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Light Blue
Episode Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Family Mother, Father, Older Brother
Friends Lars
Enemies Penny
Fear Sharks
Talent Manipulation (both regular and emotional), talking his way out of problems, hypnotism
Nicknames Dirty Rat (From Lars and meant as a complimenty).
Jethro Blade, the Dirty Rat is a contestant on Total Drama Tween Tour and is a member of the Rotten Roaches.


Jethro comes from a family full of businessmen and lawyers. Due to this he has learnt a lot in the way of loopholes, cheating and smart talk. He's the type of guy who considers no tactic too low as long as it helps achieve the desired result. Jethro knows how to use his words to turn people against each other while he slides on through to the end.

Jethro is quite a sore loser and doesn't take defeat well; he plans on making sure he is never up for elimination, or if he is then he plans to place the target onto somebody else. Rather them than him in Jethro's opinion.


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  • Jethro's theme song is Battle Against A Machine.
  • Jethro's hairstyle is a buzzcut.
  • Jethro is slightly sadistic, but not quite in the ways that Lars is.
  • Jethro is skilled in hypnotism and plans to use this to get himself and any allies he has out of elimination ... but there is somebody among the cast who has an immunity to hypnotism.
  • Jethro is directly responsible for Penny's elimination; had he not hypnotised Dil and Natasha into voting for her then Lars would have been voted off.
  • Jethro is somewhat irritable but is able to keep himself mostly subdued around others.
  • Though Jethro is not evil like Lars he cares about wunnnig the money FAR more than he does about the other contestants. If he sees an opportunity to take out a likable contestant or a threat he will take it no matter how cruel it is.
  • Jethro's design is slightly based on the Greasers from the game Bully.
  • A truly horrible fate awaits Jethro in the future ... it will be painful. Never mind, the writer had a change of heart ;)