Buzzing Bees
Gender Female
Hair color Red
Eye color Dark Blue
Episode Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Family Mother, Father
Friends Robbie (best friend) Terrence, Ling, Oliver, Pablo
Enemies Cuthbert, any bird.
Fear Birds of all shapes and sizes.
Talent Yoga
Karrie Tesla the Ornithophobe is a contestant on Total Drama Tween Tour and is a member of the Buzzing Bees.


Karrie is a kind and cheerful girl who is quite social and caring. She has a fair number of friends and is decently well liked .... but what happens if a bird turns up? I'll tell you.

Karrie is ABSOLUTALLY terrified of any type of birds due to a traumatic experience during a birdwatching outing with her parents when she was in preschool. Karrie tends to be reduced to a pile of jelly when a bird is in the vicinity. Let's hope this won't be too much of a hinderence as there are a lot of birds in various countries in the world...


To be added later.


  • Karrie is the only red head on the Buzzing Bees.
  • Karrie's fear of birds comes from being covered in bird seed when she was a young child and getting swarmed by hungry birds for over half an hour.
  • Karrie is the only contestants to always find Robbie's jokes funny with no exceptions.
  • Karrie practises Yoga to calm herself.
  • Karrie's theme song is 'Because I Love You'
  • Karrie is normally cheerful, sweet and slightly shy, but when a bird is nearby she enters a state of panic and terror. This dissapears once any birds in the vicinity are gone.
  • Karrie's favorite food is fudge.
  • Karrie is a bit of a house hermit due to birds often landing in house's garden.