Rotten Roaches
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Episode Eliminated TBA
Place 3/41
Family Mother, Father
Friends Jethro
Enemies Almost everyone else but especially Pandora.
Fear Getting hurt
Talent Causing pain to others, upsetting people, getting away with his bullying.
Nicknames Evil boy (Penny)
Lars Dragmire the Bully is a contestant on Total Drama Tween Tour and a member of the Rotten Roaches.


Lars is a rather nasty and mean spirited preteen with a love of picking on people who can't fight back against him. He loves twisting the wrists of younger, weaker people as well as vandalising the local park and throwing rocks through people's windows. The worst part is that he is very evasive and knows exactly how to not get caught.

Lars may hit hard but he hates it when people hit back. He has a very low pain threshold and, now this is in theory, if somebody hit him full force on the nose or in the gut he'd run home crying. Lars is really a big chicken but nobody actually knows that; they just fear that he might beat them up next. Even older students are wary of the guy who got sent to the principles office 200 times in one school term alone.


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  • Lars bares a similiarity to a character created by the Kobold Necromancer: Colin, who shares the Bully stereotype. Even their appearances are vaguely similar.
    • Lars is also similar to another character created by CragmiterBlaster called Kasimar (from the TD;L series) who is nothing short of a sadistic sociopath. Debatably Lars is worse due to being almost as evil yet 12 instead of 17.
  • Lars's surnamer, Dragmire, is a reference to Ganondorf, the main villain of the Zelda series.
  • Lars's theme song is Grasshopper Showdown.
  • Lars is tanned.
  • Lars is a fan of the controversial Manhunt series.
  • Accrding to Lars, besides to win he joined the show to hurt people.