Buzzing Bees
Gender Female
Hair color Light blond
Eye color Light green
Episode Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Family Mother, Father, Grandmother, three older brothers.
Friends Oliver (best friend) Ling, Pablo, Robbie, Terrence, Darby, Edgar,
Enemies Cuthbert, Craig
Fear Getting pounced on by something while in a dark room.
Talent Singing, living a normal life in spite of her disability
Molly Luya ,the 'Religious Deaf Girl', is a contestant on Total Drama Tween Tour and is a member of the Buzzing Bees.


Molly has a small problem. She is unable to hear anything and to her the world is completely mute. But despite this shortcoming Molly is one of THE nicest and kindest people you could ever meet. She is cheerful, sweet and basically what anybody would want for a little sister. Getting her to understand what you are saying is the harder part; but Molly can read so writing her a message is a simple way of getting her to communicate.

Molly also has a strong belief in God; she knows he is with her wherever she goes even though she won't be able to ever hear him. Molly feels the cold very easily which is why she wears winter cloths very often. Molly is, put simply, ... a complete sweetheart.


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  • Molly is, so far, the only contestant confirmed to be Christian.
  • Molly's name is a sort of pun, Molly Luya rhymes with Hallelujah which means Praise the Lord and considering Molly's stereotype ... yeah. CragmiteBlaster would have called her Holly Luya but a character from Rayman Origins already has that name and CB is no plaguerist.
  • Molly is the youngest contestant.
  • Molly's hat was knitted for her by her grandmother.
  • According to Molly she has difficulty with spelling.
    • This is because she is somewhat dyslexic.
  • Molly cannot swim.
  • Molly's theme song is 'Pollyanna'.
  • The bell on Molly's shirt is supposed to be a church bell.
  • Molly is the first female to get a solo song to herself.
  • Molly is a big fan of Sesamee Street.
  • Molly's reason for auditioning to the show was to prove to her parents that she isn't a little girl anymore and that they don't have to be so overprotective of her.
  • Molly lives in a church house.