Sneaky Snails
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color He wears sunglasses but they are blue.
Episode Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Family Mother, Father
Friends Megan, Bonnie, Vinsun, Ramona, Edgar
Enemies Elvira, Craig
Fear Being away from the TV for extended periods of time.
Talent Encyclopedic knowledge of all kinds of TV shows.
Morton Himpson the TV Addict is a contestant on Total Drama Tween Tour and is a member of the Sneaky Snails.


Morton is a fan of the simpsons, futurama, game shows, Surivor, SpongeBob and pretty much every show on TV. He's been watching television since he was a baby (back then he watched Sesame Street) and nowadays he has a literally encyclopedic knowledge of various TV shows of all genres. His favorite food id 'TV dnner' because he can eat it while watching the TV.

Despite watching the TV all the time Morton hasn't gained any side effects from this such as wieght or eye problem; if anything it's actually been more of a help than hinderence. The only show that Morton seriously can't stand is Jersey Shore; he thinks it's completely stupid.


To be added later.


  • If Morton is away from TV for extended periods of time he suffers a nervous breakdown.
  • It's pretty obvious by looking, but that's a mugshot of Homer Simpson on Morton's shirt.
  • Morton is named after Morton Koopa Jr from the Mario series despite the two characters having NOTHING in common.
  • Morton's surname is painfully obviously inspired by the Simpsons.
  • Morton is one of two hispanic contestants, the other is Jarvis.
  • Morton's theme song is 'The Simpsons Movie Theme Song'
  • Morton's favorite TV character is Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory.