Rotten Roaches
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Episode Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Family Father, Mother (the latter is deceased)
Friends Jarvis (best friend), Gareth, Suki, Natasha, Dil, Amy
Enemies Lars, Penny,
Fear Getting beaten up
Talent Singing
Nicknames Little Crybaby, Greek Girl (from Lars)
Pandora Rosie Connelly, the Sad Girl is a contestant on Total Drama Tween Tour and a member of the Rotten Roaches.


Pandora hasn't really had a great life to be honest. She's always sad and rarely smiles due to her permenant depression caused by a variety of things. Pandora is bullied a lot at school due to being an 'easy target' and has been shoved in lockers quite a LOT. Not only that but .. err ... don't tell Pandora I told you this, but her mother has passed on from the mortal world.

You see; Pandora's mother died in childbirth with her. Pandora feels this is completely her fault and this contributes a lot to her depression and self loathing. She is quite careful and nervous 'where she steps' so to speak as she isn't too good in social situations. Some say that all Pandora really needs is a friend, somebody her age to help her get by. Maybe Total Drama Tween Tour could be the very thing to cheer her up.


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  • Pandora is good at singing but prefers not to go on stage due to her stage fright.
  • Pandora was the thirty fifth contestant to get off the coach in Egyptian Expedition.
  • Pandora is Lars's main bullying target.
  • Pandora has several references to her Greek namesake.
    • She seems to be hiding a terrible secret.
    • Her date outfit has a snowflake pattern, a reference to how when Pandora was kidnapped by Hades, Demeter created Winter out of sadness.
    • A pair of Lightning bolt cufflinks references Zeus' assistance in the original Pandora's creation.
      • The latter two reasons were COMPLETE coincidences, but looking back on it this is sort of funny.
  • Pandora likes sugary sweets.
  • You wouldn't know it by looking at her, but Pandora is half japanese on her mother's side.