Rotten Roaches
Gender Female
Hair color Orange
Eye color Black
Episode Eliminated TBA
Place 38th
Family Mother, Father
Enemies Pandora, Jarvis, Jethro, Amy, Dil, Gareth
Fear Evil people
Talent Fast running and throwing punches
Nicknames Lawful Stupid
Penny Super the Over-The-Top Hero is a contestant in Total Drama Tween Tour and a member of the Rotten Roaches.


You know people like Todd and Wallace who are obsessed with evil right? Well Penny is the exact opposite, she's obsessed with doing good ... and takes it to extreme lengths! Penny feels that taking a tag off a matress is pure evil and that letting evil win in ANY way, no matter how minor, is a matter of shame. Penny thinks of herself like Batman or Spiderman; others think of her as completely nuts.

Penny is quick to jump into a fight to save a victim from a bully ... but then she'll attack the victim for feeling satisfaction at the bullies pain. Penny wants to be lawful good but completely forgets the good part and instead adheres to the lawful part to the EXTREME.


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