Sneaky Snails
Gender Female
Hair color Dirty Blond
Eye color Mismatched; the left is aqua blue and the right is green.
Episode Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Family Mother, Father
Friends Vinsun, Bonnie, Morton, Craig
Enemies Elvira
Fear Clowns
Talent Pulling pranks
Ramona Annie Tempest the Mischief Maker is a contestant on Total Drama Tween tour and is a member of the Sneaky Snails.


Ramona is a prankster and loves pulling practical jokes on others. Be it her ever trusty handbuzzer, banana peel or maybe itching powder Ramona is always ready to pull a prank! Unfortunantly, Ramona sometimes gets people a 'little' angry with her constant mischief making.

Ramona loves April Fools Day more than any other day of the year and always goes all out to see how many people she can prank in one go. However; Ramona has learned the hard way that it's not a good idea to put thumb tacks on the chairs at a teacher meeting at school...


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  • Ramona's theme song is 'Wacky Races Boss Theme'
  • Ramona's eyes are mismatched; her left eye is aqua blue and her right eye is green; Ramona is a little ashamed of this ... but there may come a time where Ramona will be thankful her eyes are as they are...
  • Ramona is somewhat based on the Beano character 'Dennis the Menace' in that she pranks people for fun but has a kind heart all the same.
  • Ramona is terrified of clowns due to accidently seeing her older cousin fighting Adam the Clown in Dead Rising ... and if you know what his death scene is like ... yeah.
  • Ramona refers to her parents as 'Mama' and 'Dada'; Bonnie thinks this is cute.
  • Ramona loves pranking her teachers, perticular her math teacher.
  • Judging by certain things Ramona has said, it can be assubed her parents are a little, ahem, 'old fashioned' when it comes to discipline.
  • Ramona is ten years old but not very far away from turning eleven.
  • Ramona's surname, Tempest, is named after a weapon from Ratchet and Clank 3 that could lock onto multiple enemeis at once and fire a slightly weak blast. This is a reference to Ramona liking to, mostly harmlessly, prank multiple people in one go.