Rotten Roaches
Rotten Roaches
Number of Members 10
Highest Ranking Member TBA
Lowest Ranking Member Penny, 38th
The Rotten Roaches are one of four opposing teams in Total Drama Tween Tour; it was formed during Egyptian Expedition and consisted of everyone who opened a chest containing a red passport.

Original MembersEdit


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Contestants EliminatedEdit


Gender Rank in team Rank Voted out Episode Voted Off Reason Voted out
Penny Female 10th 38th Greeced Lightning She annoyed everyone with her 'Hypocritcal Heroicness' and Jethro hypnotised Dil and Natasha into voting for her instead of Lars.
Jade Female 9th 35th Antarctic Anarchy Jethro hypnotised her into zapping Amy and Natasha with her tazer. She also hurled Jethro out of a catapult whule under his hypnotism's influence. jethro milked his injury for all it was worth to get people to vote for Jade.
? ? 8th ? ? ?
? ? 7th ? ? ?
? ? 6th ? ? ?
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  • The Rotten Roaches first lost in the episode Greeced Lightning.
  • The team has a meaningful name as this team has more mean and villinous members than the other teams do. Some of them have started to reform but the name stays.
  • They are the only team without a black member.