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Welcome to the Total Drama Tween Tour WikiEdit

Total Drama Tween Tour is a fanfic written by CragmiteBlaster. It stars forty 10-12 year olds travelling the world competing in challenges for a $2,000,000 dollar prize.

This wiki needs help growing; why not share your knowledge. have fun everyone!

About Total Drama Tween TourEdit

Total Drama Tween Tour is a Total Drama fanfic written by CragmiteBlaster. It stars forty brand new characters travelling the earth in insane and dangerous challenges in hopes of winning 2 MILLION DOLLARS. However, a big difference in this story which differates it from most other Total Drama fanfics is that all of the contestants are tweens aged 10-12 years old. The story takes place a few months after TDWT and has Owen and Noah as interns.

Latest activityEdit

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