Spooky Spiders
Gender Female
Hair color Blond
Eye color Covered by her hair and helmet but they are light grey.
Episode Eliminated The Big Apple Escort
Place 39th
Family Mother, Father
Enemies Bea, Ted, Benjamin, Tony
Fear The Rack
Talent Swordplay, fencing
Nicknames Sir Vicky
Vicky Joust the Medieval Fan was a contestant on Total Drama and was a member of the Spooky Spiders.


Halt peasant! Thou shalt accept a quest from Sir Vicky of the round table or face the rack! That is just a typical quote that Vicky might say. She is a big fan of medievil times, with all the castles, knights and mutton feasts. She even acts as though she was alive back then. Vicky claims to be a direct decendent of Sir Lancelot but this claim is ambigious at best...

Vicky dresses as a medievil night and talks like one too; she will only speak normally if she is firmly requested to. Vicky enjoys History class at school because of how much it teaches about the medievil era.