Buzzing Bees
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Dark brown
Episode Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Family Mother, Father
Friends Karrie, Robbie, Pablo, Darby, Molly
Enemies Cuthbert
Fear Tidal Waves
Talent Knowledge about the marine world.
Zora Flipperton, the 'Marine Lover', is a contestant on Total Drama Tween Tour and is a member of the Buzzing Bees.


Zora loves the underwater world; ever since seeing Disney's 'The Little Mermaid; when she was in preschool Zora has loved everything underwater be it the fish, the coral or the shipwrecks. Zora REALLY wants to move to australia so she can swim in the great barrier reef!

Zora has high hopes for Total Drama Tween Tour; not only does she have a small chance at winning but she may also visit some truly wonderful places around the world. Zora's main interest may be underwater but she also likes the wonders of the world be they the pyramids, niagra falls or even mount everest! Look out because here comes Zora!


To be added later.


  • Zora is one of three black contestants, the other two are Emily and Winter.
  • Zora is the last contestant alphabetically.
  • Zora is able to surf and has competed in a jr surfing competition before; she came 3rd.
  • Zora is a big fan of the Disney Princesses; her favorite is a tie between Ariel and Jasmine.
  • Zora despises the 'arrow to the knee' meme.